Discover a quality senior living community at The Pines of Newmarket

A short drive from Manchester, Concord, and Portsmouth, The Pines of Newmarket Senior Living is located in a quiet neighborhood where our residents enjoy the changing New England seasons in our lovely well-cared-for grounds.

The Pines of Newmarket is a comfortable, home-like setting for our residents. Want to leave the cooking to someone else? Need a little help getting to the shopping center? Want to get the most out of life, but need help with the small stuff? We’d love to be there for you. We have served the residents in the New England area since 1999.


Please call for available floorplans.
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Living Options At Pines of Newmarket

We encourage you to take a tour of a Blue Harbor community. It's really laid back. No pressure. Remember when mom used to pressure you to eat your veggies, or do your homework, or do your chores? There will be none of that.

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