Memory Care

Our experts have thought of everything.

When a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or any other form of dementia, planning next steps can be baffling. Our goal is to provide a dignified and fulfilling lifestyle for our residents facing memory impairment, and peace of mind for their families.

We believe memory care is at its best when it encourages daily activities to energize the mind and lift the spirit. Our specialists design programs to stimulate the senses and foster community. Our Illuminations™ Memory Care Program is run by dedicated, specialized staff that work to ensure that each resident receives the highest quality of personal care.

Selecting care for a memory-impaired loved one is never easy, but as a part of Illuminations™ you’ll know that they are part of a loving, engaging community.

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bridges℠ program

Memory Care Transition

Research shows that an active social life and support network can slow the rate of memory loss. That’s why we created Bridges℠. This innovative program promotes interaction with a small group of friends through shared activities—like reminiscing, cooking, music appreciation, celebrations, pet therapy and more. As the need for more care increases, Bridges provides a gentle transition into our memory care services

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We encourage you to take a tour of a Blue Harbor community. It's really laid back. No pressure. Remember when mom used to pressure you to eat your veggies, or do your homework, or do your chores? There will be none of that.